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Dr. Nirmish Shah


Duke University

Director of Sickle Cell Transition Program

Meet Dr. Dixon

About Dr. Nirmish Shah

At Duke University, Dr. Shah’s research and clinical work focuses on both pediatric and adult sickle cell hematology, with a strong focus on clinical and translational research. Dr. Shah’s research investigates novel therapeutics, the transition from pediatric to adult care, and the usage of mobile technology for those living with sickle cell disease. Dr. Shah’s studies have been led by multiple sponsors including the NIH and various pharmaceutical organizations. Dr. Shah currently sits as the Director of Clinical Research in Benign Hematology at Duke University.


Let's Talk About Sickle Cell Disease

Dr. Nirmish Shah speaks on the basics about why patients with sickle cell disease can have complications. 

Current Research Efforts


Sickle Cell Disease Therapies


Real-world effectiveness of voxelotor for treating sickle cell disease in the US: a large claims data analysis

Sickle cell disease complications: Prevalence and resource utilization

Understanding resource utilization by those living with sickle cell disease.


Use of Mobile Health Apps and Wearable Technology to Assess Changes and Predict Pain During Treatment of Acute Pain in Sickle Cell Disease: Feasibility Study
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