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Dr. Nirmish Shah's extensive experience in sickle cell, chronic pain, and healthcare technology provides unique insight and expertise as a consultant. 

Legal Consulting

Using medical expertise in legal cases representing both plaintiff and defendant

Key Opinion Leader

Guiding business, pharmaceutical, and research strategy with medical expertise


Mentoring the next generation of healthcare talent

Legal & KOL

Legal Consulting

Dr. Nirmish Shah has represented both plaintiff and defendants in a variety of legal cases in which sickle cell disease is involved. Dr. Shah’s extensive medical background and experience in treating and managing sickle cell provide a medical professional point of view on legal cases and can provide further insight into how sickle cell could relate to the case at hand. Dr. Shah has been a consultant in over 50 legal cases, providing both his knowledge and opinion to juries and judges during courtroom deliberation.

Key Opinion Leader

Dr. Nirmish Shah has been a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for a variety of pharmaceutical, clinical trial, and investment companies. Dr. Shah’s medical expertise and experience in SCD provide valuable insight into the decisions various companies make. Dr. Shah has provided companies with insight into their collected data, determining what information can be extrapolated from the collected data and what impact it may have on medications, trials, or even the lives of people with sickle cell. Dr. Shah has provided guidance on the design and methodology of clinical trials, helping move medication from research to production in an efficient manner. Dr. Shah has even provided his insight into various novel therapeutics regarding efficacy and use in sickle cell populations.



Dr. Nirmish Shah has also been an integral figure in the careers and journeys of many medical students, residents, fellows, researchers, and other career scientists. His impact can be seen in his mentees and can be seen positively impacting the community, excelling in their personal careers, and much more.

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J. Vaughn PhD RN CHSE - Jackie Vaughn.png

Jacqueline Vaughn, PhD, RN, CHSE

Clinical Assistant Professor at University of North Carolina - Wilmington

I worked with Nirmish Shah during my graduate studies, PhD research, and dissertation. He was a tremendous mentor for research, NIH grant applications, and networking.

Sarah Leonard - Sarah Brier.jpg

Sarah Leonard, MD

Assistant Professor Pediatric Residency Program Director Department of Pediatrics, Division of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology at ECU Health

I worked with Dr. Shah during my Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship and he was a member of my Scholarship Oversight Committee. My research with Dr. Shah was related to: The use of mobile technology to improve adherence, patient education and outcomes in patients with sickle cell disease. 

I am incredibly grateful for the impact Dr. Shah had, and continues to have, on my career. I value his mentorship as it relates both to my personal life and professional life. He has always been incredibly invested in making sure I was achieving personal growth and improvement through my endeavors. He valued my contributions to our research and I have tried to model many of his ways as now I have stepped into mentoring roles of my own. I am thankful for the opportunities Dr. Shah provided me to publish papers, present posters, meet new colleagues and learn how to conduct research. I am also thankful for the passion he demonstrates for patients with Sickle Cell and was influential in my pursuits, current and future, in caring for adolescents and young adults with Sickle Cell Disease.

B90351E4-2C7E-4E9C-A205-39A59243F316 - Sid Gollarahalli.jpeg

Sid Gollarahalli

Depot CDO of General Counsel at Credit Suisse

I worked with Dr. Shah on Tru-PAIN studies as a clinical research intern and analyst. The confidence he bestowed upon me early on to handle and manipulate data during our studies is what propelled me to furthering my scope and career within data. Without the early exposure from Dr Shah, it’s safe to say I’d never have the roles I’ve held over the last three years.

Pasfoto - Caroline Vuong.jpg

Caroline Vuong, MD

PhD Candidate at Amsterdam University Medical Center, The Netherlands

During my PhD trajectory at AUMC, I had the opportunity to work at Duke University Hospital in the United States as a visiting scholar. I was mentored by Dr. Nirmish Shah on several research projects that focused on pain in patients in sickle cell disease at Duke University Hospital including: prediction of pain and reutilization of care in patients admitted to the hospital for a VOC; and (prediction of) Avascular necrosis in patients with sickle cell disease. 

Dr Nirmish Shah has taught me a lot about the healthcare system and the care for both pediatric and adult patients with sickle cell disease in the United States. His hospitality, generosity and genuine care for his patients as a doctor are truly inspiring. His knowledge, experience and creativity in research about SCD challenge me, and made him a great mentor for the projects I worked on during my time at Duke. I am beyond grateful for his guidance and the continuation of a fruitful trans-Atlantic collaboration to improve the care for patients with SCD.

U of MN ID - Amanda Johnson.jpg

Amanda Johnson, MD

Pediatric Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant Fellow, M Health Fairview Masonic Children's Hospital (University of Minnesota)

I began working with Dr. Shah as a pediatric intern at Duke University. We worked together on two projects throughout my residency, including a pain prediction study for patients with sickle cell disease presenting in acute pain and a virtual reality pilot study for patients with sickle cell disease experiencing pain, anxiety, and/or depressive symptoms. Dr. Shah continues to serve as an external mentor to me following completion of my pediatric residency at Duke University in 2019. He has had a profound impact on my career and research. As one of my early career research mentors, he has served as both a listening ear and a guide as I continue to formulate research questions and potential projects.

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